FBE has released the latest episode of their "Kids React" series, and it is focused around Disturbed's music. The kids, aged nine to 13, are generally unsure what to think of the band's sound and image, but are certainly unsettled by certain elements.

"My dad likes this song," nine-year-old Carlin said in response to hearing "Down With the Sickness." Ten-year-old Jenna said, "Oh, that's creepy," while hearing "Stupify" and watching its music video. There's also one of the kids who absolutely loves them as well.

Another hilarious bit comes as they are asked to impersonate vocalist David Draiman's iconic "OH-WA-AH-AH-AH" vocal part from "Down With the Sickness." You can watch the entire episode below, and check out elders reacting to Korn here.

In other news, Disturbed's new album, Evolution, is due out Oct. 19. (Pre-orders are on sale now.) You can hear two new songs, "Are You Ready" and "A Reason to Fight" now. It's also been confirmed that Disturbed will hit the road on a North American tour next year. So far, they've listed 26 cities on the run and have promised more will be announced, but have yet to share any specific dates.

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