Is it really that big of a surprise Buzzhead? We all know that people will do anything for that 15 minutes of fame but seriously? When did pissing in your own mouth become fun?

This new trend is called bubbling and while its internet presence may be under the radar at the moment, we can only hope and pray that it doesn't hit the mainstream.

So what is bubbling? It's pretty simple, just aim your man parts at your own mouth and let loose that hot, yellow geyser of urine you've been saving for just the right moment.

It's gross I know, but if the cool kids are doing it why not give it a try?

It all started in Australia as a joke to make fun of all the other internet trends that are popping up here and there. Up until now I always thought Australians were pretty cool.

Now while it may have been a joke, the man who started it has suffered the consequences of pissing in his own mouth.

Mainly he still can't find a girlfriend, plus he was fired from his Rugby squad for the picture he released (and I would just like to say that while it may not be too popular in the States, rugby is a totally bad ass sport and if you haven't ever watched a game, check it out).

You can search the internet all you want for pictures of this trend but good luck finding any, Facebook has been pulling them down as soon as they're posted.

But I have found this nice little video which shows you the basics of this silly little trend. Plus you can check out the Facebook page that seems to be where all of this started.