If you haven’t heard about Justin Bieber’s monkey, I’ll give you a brief history. The pop star was going to Germany in March and wanted to bring his pet monkey named Mally against the wishes of his management team. Bieber didn’t want to fill out the proper paperwork and instead figured he could smuggle the animal into the country, but he was caught and now the monkey is being held in primate jail. In order for Bieber to get Mally back he needs to submit the proper paperwork and pay a $17,000 fine. Now Jimmy Kimmel and Kid Rock have teamed up to free the animal, and they have one very specific threat.

The pair claims that if Germany doesn’t hand over the monkey by Thursday, that David Hasselhoff will pay the ultimate price with his life. To prove their point, they even blew up a German chocolate cake.

What will be the fate of Mally? Will Bieber fork over the money and get the paperwork filled out, or will he instead let the monkey go free and live in the wild? Can Mally survive without the life of luxury she’s become accustomed to? Stay tuned!

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