Bill & Ted Face the Music is already one of the most anticipated films of 2020, reuniting the cult slacker characters portrayed by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter for the first time in 29 years. The two recently crashed the real-life graduation of their characters’ alma mater, San Dimas High School, to congratulate students for earning their diplomas.

Reeves and Winter recorded themselves together via Zoom, with Keanu wearing a “Be excellent to each other” T-shirt. “Hey, I’m Alex Winter… and I’m Keanu Reeves… and together, we are Wyld Stallyns,” the two began.

“We know it’s a tough time right now and that you’re having to do this virtual graduation,” Winter continued. “But we want to wish you the best of luck moving forward.” Reeves added, “Yeah, congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. Well done.”

Of course, the duo chanted, “San Dimas High School football rules!” before reminding the young grads to be excellent to each other and party on.

The upcoming movie’s official synopsis reads, “The stakes are higher than ever for the time-traveling exploits of William ‘Bill’ S. Preston Esq. (Winter) and Theodore ‘Ted’ Logan (Reeves). Yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, the now middle-aged best friends set out on a new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it. Along the way, they will be helped by their daughters, a new batch of historical figures, and a few music legends — to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe.”

Bill & Ted Face the Music is currently scheduled to premiere on Aug. 21. You can watch the first official trailer for the film here.

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