Well it's that time of year where Sports Illustrated is shooting their annual swimsuit issue. Hands down the most recognizable of the models is Kate Upton and she was not shying away from some of the more revealing swimsuits.

Honestly, this post is just an excuse to show you video of Kate Upton in a bikini. We have a lot of posts of Kate Upton here at the Buzz and I have written a majority of them. That's strange because I am definitely more of a Scarlett Johansson fan myself. However, Kate Upton is one of the more outgoing models, so she is always in the news.

For the past four years Kate Upton has graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. In the video, seen below, Kate admitted to preferring the smaller bikinis because that is something she would wear in her everyday life. Now if only one day, I could be walking down a beach to see that sight.

Check Out Kate Upton in Tiny Bikinis Below:

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