Someone writes a song that mentions our city. I will give them a shout out.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the New Song, 'Dancehall in Wichita Falls'

When it comes to songs about Wichita Falls, a lot more exist than you would think. Probably the most famous songs are from Miranda Lambert or American Aquarium. However, my personal favorite is this insane disco song. I laugh every time I hear it.

In Case You Have Never Heard the Wichita Falls Disco Song

Ever Heard of Justin Hunter?

If you want to check out a country artist, check out Justin Hunter. He has a new album coming out called Panhandle Highway. The only reason I discovered him is because he has a song on his new album called, 'Dancehall in Wichita Falls'. From what I can see, I don't know if Justin has ever performed in our city. He has some tour dates coming up all over Texas the next few weeks, but nothing in Wichita Falls.

Listen to Dancehall in Wichita Falls by Justin Hunter Below

Not sure what the full inspiration for the song is if Justin has never been to our city. He grew up not too far away in Cleburne, Texas which is just south of Fort Worth. Maybe one weekend he made his way up here and that was the inspiration for the song.

Best of luck to Justin on his new album and hopefully it does well. He will at least hopefully get some new Wichita Falls listeners because of this.

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