Well this just sucks. Judas Priest have announced that guitarist K.K. Downing has retired from the band and won't be accompanying them on their upcoming Epitaph tour. I mean, come on K.K....you couldn't give us one more? It is (supposedly) Judas Priest's final tour and now we're not even going to get to witness the definitive lineup of the band. I understand drummer Scott Travis isn't an original member but he's been in the band for over 20 years and is by far their longest tenured (not to mention their best) drummer therefore he deserves to represent during their (supposedly) retirement tour. The band has recruited 31 year-old British guitarist Richie Faulkner (who?) to take his place. No disrespect to Richie as the band seems to really like him but I think it would've at least been fitting to recruit someone from their own generation to maybe generate a little more excitement.

During the Epitaph Tour, the band will be playing songs from every studio album along with tracks they've never performed live. The band hasn't announced any U.S. dates yet but all of a sudden I just don't care as much.

Check out my favorite Priest tune from my favorite Priest album of all time: