When I first saw this amazing little boys first you tube video, I was totally skeptical about him being any good. Boy was I wrong! Now at 6yrs old, Jonah has some of the rawest talent on the skins that Ive ever witnessed. I could ramble on for days on how good Jonah is but just watch the videos, you'll agree.

I actually found myself headbanging to some of these. This young man will go very far in the music world, granted he stays with it for 20 or 30 more years. You can check out more about this drum wizard at Jonah Rocks.com. Personally, I think youngsters such as Jonah, and all the little ones who carry on the dream, are our last line of defense against  Justin Bieber and this crap they call music these days! Rock on little man!

He has a whole slew of videos on youtube, heres a few of my favs.

Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold

Run To The Hills- Iron Maiden (very metal)


A big thanks to jonahrocks.com and youtube.com for these amazing videos

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