The movie Jonah Hex was widely panned by critics, so badly, that I didn't get the movie in my Netflix que until now. What I found was a pretty darn good western with just a touch of supernatural and sci-fi elements. Sure Megan Fox's acting is a little wooden, but who cares when she looks like Megan Fox?


The story is almost just like the classic "Outlaw Josey Wales". A confederate soldier takes revenge on the people that killed his family. Now, lets add that fact that Jonah Hex can talk to the dead, not just ghosts, but the dead. He actually brings corpses "back to life" then talks to them. Add to the revenge scenario is the fact that the people that killed his family have captured a sort of mini atomic bomb and are trying to break up the nearly formed United States.

That's about what you need to know. If you can suspend disbelief and buy into what I've already told you, then you're going to enjoy a slam-bang action movie (this mean Irish dick is especially fun to watch too). Check out the trailer below and some music to get you into the mood.

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