It wasn't easy, but they did it.

You probably heard us talking about it all week, but this past Saturday was the big day. A new Guinness World Record was set on Saturday and we were there for everything. I was broadcasting live and it was very weird broadcasting next to a leaning tower of mattresses.

The previous record sat at 16 feet and 5.25 inches. The hardest part of breaking the record was the rule that no one could touch the mattress stack for one minute. With it being Wichita Falls, the wind was not cooperating with us. It took several tries and some maneuvering around of the upper stack to get it to stay for one minute. After some time, the guys figured it out and got it to stay for 60 seconds and then some.

Johnson's Furniture now owns the new world record for the tallest stack of mattresses at 17 feet and one inch. I think everyone would agree it wasn't easy, but they got it done.

You can actually own a piece of this history now. Johnson's Furniture will be selling the mattresses at a huge discount. The king sizes they used are marked down to $500 from $899. The queen sizes that are normally $599 are now only $400. So if you want a world record mattress, head on down to Johnson's Furniture at 3400 Jacksboro Highway.

Watch video of the tallest stack of mattresses world record being set in Wichita Falls below (the record is broken around the 50-minute mark (-3:30):