Many of you have already shown your support for Jessie Brashears of Twicebroken and helped spread the word of his near-fatal tragedy.  Thank you.  Now that a benefit page is up, I ask of you another favor...help...in any way you can.  Money is especially helpful as Jessie and his family will soon be faced with medical bills that are hard enough to pay with inusrance, even harder without.  On this benefit page, Twicebroken frontman Aaron Mullin has included directions on how you can donate monetarily to Jessie's recovery.

But, if you are not able to donate money, please donate your time and ability to network.  Here are three ways on how you can take a few seconds to use Facebook and spread this message to others who may be able to give whether or not you are able to donate money:  1) Easiest way is to comment at the bottom of this post where you see Joshua David's comment that goes directly to Facebook.  2)Another way is when you see this status update pop up on your 'News Feed' click 'Share' and encourage others to help with donations or spreading the word of Jessie's Benefit page.  3)You can also copy this story's link from our webpage and post it into your own status.

And to help end this article with an higher note:  Twicebroken is arranging a benefit concert that is quickly being filled with multiple bands at The Iron Horse Pub on July 22.  Check out the above linked benefit page for more details.

Like many of us, Jessie had a dream and worked hard to get where he is.  This also affects many people and not just Jessie:  his band mates & their families, his fans and most importantly, his family.  You aren't just giving your time and money to him, you are helping dozens of people, who I promise, are grateful for any help you can give.

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