A group of teenagers seemed pretty skeptical of Jelly Roll's promise to send them $1,000, so when he followed through, they flipped.

It happened at Whataburger, and video from the moment was first shared last month. The teens were employees, and a video TikTok finds the "Need a Favor" singer rolling up with his crew and offering to give each $200. There were five people working, so that equals $1,000. All that was left to figure out was the "how."

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Here's how it all happened, with the confirmation and reaction next:

It's not clear how Jelly Roll's video ended up with TikTok user @ExoticEveryDayy.

"I'm going to Venmo you $1,000 but I want you to give everybody working with you $200," the singer says before telling the camera — perhaps a livestream — "My dude don't believe me y'all, but we're gonna hit 'em with the big ol' bank roll."

When the money comes through, the employees begin screaming and running around the restaurant. It's pretty clear that that money is going to make them much happier than it makes Jelly Roll.

Jelly Roll dropped his Whitsitt Chapel album last Friday. It features "Need a Favor" and "Save Me" as a duet with Lainey Wilson. Last week his Jelly Roll: Save Me Documentary also dropped.

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