A river runs through it and, for Texas, it's a really dirty one.

One of the 15 most polluted rivers in the United States of America runs through a huge chunk of Texas as it makes its way from New Mexico, across the lone star state, Louisiana and, ultimately, into the Gulf of Mexico.

About half of its total 1,290 mile length serves as the Texas - Oklahoma border and while It's pretty clean at first, that stretch through Texas is pretty horrible.

The Red River basin area in Texas is the 4th largest in the state of Texas. The areas reddish soil really shows during the rivers high flow periods giving the Red River its name.

It's got more in it than just that pretty dirt.

The heartland of America bears witness to the plight of the Red River, which faces a growing pollution crisis. The contamination results from industrial waste and agricultural runoff, jeopardizing the river’s health. It’s a reminder that even the most remote places can’t escape pollution’s grasp. - ecocation.org

15 Most Polluted Rivers In The USA

  1. Ohio River
  2. Calcasieu River
  3. Mississippi River
  4. Savannah River
  5. Tennessee River
  6. Harpeth River
  7. Holston River
  8. Cuyahoga River
  9. Willamette River
  10. New River
  11. San Joaquin River
  12. Colorado River
  13. Red River
  14. Delaware River
  15. Allegheny River

The Red River is not the only river in Texas having trouble staying clean. The Trinity River is noted for very high levels of pollutants, especially near Dallas, and the Rio Grande is also loaded with crap from municipal, industrial, and agricultural sources.

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