As Wrestlemania gets close, it's fun to look at the interesting stuff about Wrestlemania; what the matches are, who the specials guests are & of course... what the theme song is going to be. We've seen some absolute amazing Wrestlemanias before & sometimes the music that goes along with the show is perfect. You can see all the Wrestlemanias that were hosted at Texas & Arizona here. But there's been a severe lack of Texas musical artists used for the Super Bowl of wrestling.

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Which Wrestlemania features a song done by a Texas artist?

Only 3 Wrestlemanias in the past have used a song by a Texas artist; twice by a single band. Drowning Pool from Dallas has been used twice in the 2000s:

  • Tear Away was used for Wrestlemania X8 in 2002
  • Step Up was used for Wrestlemania XX in 2004.

More recently Invincible by Houston's Machine Gun Kelly was used as a theme song for Wrestlemania 28 in 2012. Let's just say his song choice/performance was referred to as...a mixed bag.

Who NEEDS To have a song used for a Wrestlemania Theme Song?

The irony is that neither MGK's or Drowning Pool's songs were ever used for a Wrestlemania set IN Texas. And there's a severe deficiency of Texas music. So here's some artists that I propose to use for a future Wrestlemania:


They are arguably the biggest metal band from Texas, one that people EASILY know & Pantera haven't been used for a Wrestlemania. There are some clear picks to use; personally my choices would be either Cowboys From Hell, Five Minutes Alone, Walk or... to REALLY pump up the crowd... Domination.


Keeping up the theme of Pantera, you can always go with Hellyeah. They HAVE been included in a wrestling game before, so you can definitely choose them as a theme song for Wrestlemania.

Nothing More

They might be as big as Pantera, but the San Antonio rockers are quickly becoming a huge deal to come out of Texas. Some songs I'd pick from Nothing More are Go to War, Tired of Winning & This Is The Time.

The Sword

It might be a long shot but the Austin stoner metal band has some songs that fit the vibe of a wrestling show perfectly. Songs like "The Black River" or "Freya" would be my top choices.

Drowning Pool "Bodies"

I know Drowning Pool has been used before, and while Tear Away & Step Up are good choices... you can't leave out Bodies. I know it's been used as ECW's theme song for years, but everything about this song just SCREAMS wrestling.


If WWE can use The Weeknd for multiple Wrestlemanias, then I see no reason to include a Texas popstar, especially one that deserves more recognition. Most of the El Paso singer's songs are on the chiller side, but if I was going to choose one... it would either be "Skyline" or his collab with Marshmallow, "Numb" (the same one used in the Rock Band video game)

This of course is just my humble opinion. But I do hope that WWE will use some more Texas artists has their theme songs soon. It's been too long...

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