While walking around the Lone Star State, we've all seen things in the sky. Whether it be a bird, perhaps a frisbee, and of course planes too. But we won't be talking about those items today.

Rather we'll be discussing a new player to the state of Texas, and some may find them a little bit annoying. Drones have steadily grown in number over the years, and some may be a little annoyed with them.

But the truth is that drones might be used for various things in the Lone Star State, and if you spot one, it's potentially helping rather than harming.

If You See A Drone In Texas, Might Be Best To Leave It Alone!

So why would leaving a drone alone be the best course of action? What if it's spying on you? That'd be pretty bad right?

Well in truth, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the flying machines are used by many different businesses such as insurance companies or even for real estate. Interesting isn't it?

To be honest, I wish golf courses would allow us to see more of the course. But we digress. The main reason you should attempt to take down a drone? Well it's illegal to do so.

But it's not just illegal in Texas, it is a nationwide proclamation. Just take a look at the law of the nation. So yes, let that drone just buzz on by.

If anything, just think of it as practice for something like this:

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