Today, according to whoever makes up these phony baloney holidays that are now a thing on social media is National Popcorn Day. Happy Popcorn Day, everyone! (Tomorrow, I assume, is National You Need to Get Your Cholesterol Checked Now Day.)

The only proper way to celebrate National Popcorn Day (at least according to the popcorn growers of America) is with a large serving of popcorn (topped with butter, at least according the dairy farmers of America). Now, you could make your own of course, but as we all know, the greatest popcorn in the world comes from movie theaters. Don’t ask me why. I don’t understand it. It just tastes better there. (Even when it’s clearly pre-made? And they keep it in enormous garbage bags that they then grab when they’re running low? Even that popcorn tastes better! What kind of witchcraft is this?!)

Anyway, it’s worth noting that a lot of movie theaters are running special promotions in honor of National Popcorn Day. Some are even giving away popcorn. (I know. Pure madness.) You’ll have to inquire with your local theater to confirm the details, but here are what the big chains are offering for the day.

6. The Smell of Popcorn
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  • AMC Theatres — Unlimited free refills on any size popcorn you buy. (AMC is also selling all sorts of popcorn-related merchandise, if you want to get really wild for National Popcorn Day.)
  • Regal Cinemas — All members of Regal’s loyalty program, Regal Crown Club, get a free small popcorn with any ticket purchase. (If you own a Regal refillable popcorn tub you get one free refill as well.)
  • Cinemark — $2 off medium or large popcorn.
  • Alamo Drafthouse — One free bowl of popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket, plus any other food or beverage. (If you want a refill after that, you gotta pay.)
  • Landmark — Free popcorn with unlimited refills with purchase of a movie ticket.
  • Angelika Film Center — All popcorn is 50 percent off. Plus, free same-day refills on large popcorns.

So there you go. You might want to choose your movie tonight based less on the film options than the quality of the deal on popcorn. That only makes sense on National Popcorn Day.

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