Bassist Tye Trujillo joined Chuck Armstrong for Loudwire Nights' Artist Spotlight interview on Tuesday (Aug. 1) as they discussed his work with OTTTO, among other things.

"I currently play with Suicidal Tendencies and another project called Feed the Beast," Trujillo explained, "and last but not least, I'm glad to be a part of OTTTO, just a group of three dudes based out of the Los Angeles area who enjoy playing and listening to all types of music. We can get heavy, groovy, ambient and fast all in one song."

Because of the diversity of sound from OTTTO and their debut full-length, Life Is a Game, it's hard to shove the band into any one genre—and Trujillo seemed to be okay with that.

"All I can tell you is that you'll hear our sound and you can identify it with whatever you think."

The Best Live Show Tye Trujillo Has Seen (That Wasn't OTTTO)

During the Spotlight conversation, Chuck and Trujillo talked about live music, specifically the bassist's favorite concert that wasn't one of his own bands. While that's a bit of a loaded question for any music fan or artist, Trujillo was quick with a response.

"There have been so many bands I've seen that have been so sick," he admitted. "I mean, my dad's project, Mass Mental, I saw them live and I like what they are doing, it's pretty awesome, the musicianship between everyone. Tool were amazing as well. They put on a whole show, musicianship, lighting. And I know it's kind of out of the genre of metal, but Tame Impala, they were great, too. They jammed in-between songs throughout the set and had different transitions."

When Trujillo mentioned his dad, Metallica's Robert Trujillo, Chuck had to ask him what it's like being a fan of the band that his dad is such a significant part of. After all, Trujillo once told Loudwire that one of his favorite bass parts of all time was Cliff Burton's "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth" from Kill 'Em All.

"It's pretty normal for me because Metallica inspired me to play music," Trujillo told Chuck about why he likes Metallica. "When I listen to Metallica, I just think of it as a band that I looked up to growing up. It's weird that it's not weird, you know?"

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He went on and said that some people might think that's a strange way to look at it considering Metallica are one of the biggest bands in the world and his dad is their longest-running bassist, but he doesn't focus on that.

"I think it's normal. I'm a fan of the band. I like their music. So when I listen, I'm just digging the music and the art of it."

What Else Did Tye Trujillo Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • The craziest thing that has happened to him on the road
  • What he'd be doing if he wasn't playing music with OTTTO, Feed the Beast or Suicidal Tendencies

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