Who doesn’t love eccentric Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, especially when he goes outside the box by singing in English on someone else’s song? Well, that’s exactly what’s just happened with “Child of Sin,” a duet between Lindemann and Dutch singer/songwriter Sharon Kovacs (under the Kovacs banner).

The sparse and plaintive ballad is the title track from Kovacs’ recently released third album (which was preceded by 2015’s Shades of Black and 2018’s Cheap Smell). Expectedly, it’s ripe with moving elements.

Specifically, Kovacs’ soulful yet fragile vocals are backed by haunting piano notes and plucked strings, leading to an empowering chorus that’s supported by rich choral chants. As for Lindemann, he comes in during the second verse and adds potent earnestness to the ever-changing arrangement.

It’s quite powerful and dynamic, with his sentiments being just as impactful as his voice. As transcribed by Metal Hammer:

When you were nine years old
We terrorized these streets
From dusk till dawn
But when I turned sixteen
My dirty hands would bleed
From banging at your door

Where should I begin?
Where should I begin?
I'd seen it all before
And it will never end
It will never end
You're not a child of love
You're a child of sin

Of course, supergroup Lindemann’s debut solo LP – 2015’s Skills in Pills – was also sung completely in English, whereas its follow-up (2019’s F & M) saw him return to German.

Going back to “Child of Sin,” Metal Hammer also noted that a proper music video “has been shot by Pink Rabbit, a production company based in Amsterdam, who shared some photos from the shoot on their Instagram page in November.”

Earlier today (Jan. 14), Kovacs shared her own Instagram post about the song, and it's received a lot of support. For instance, one user wrote, "I just love this song the combination of their voices is great I love it !!" while another cheered: "omg i can't believe it. Kovacs and Till Lindemann together. Was ne geile Kombi [What a cool combo]."

So, what do you think of the collaboration (which you can check out below)? Let us know!

Kovacs – ‘Child of Sin’ (Official Lyric Video) Featuring Rammstein’s Till Lindemann

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