Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is once again being saluted in the scientific community, with a new lizard species being named after the musician.

Per, researchers in Peru recently discovered two new lizard species, with one of the two now taking the name Enyalioides dickinsoni as a tribute to the Iron Maiden frontman.

The lizard was discovered by researchers in the Cordillera de Colán mountain range 460 miles north of Lima, Peru. They were also spotted in the Río Marañón and Río Chiriaco basins.

For those looking to find one of the newly discovered Enyalioides dickinsoni lizards, they are typically found in one of three locales - in coffee crops, cacao and citrus, in cow pastures and in the area's mountainous forest elevations between the 4,600 and 5,600 feet level.

Enyalioides dickinsoni by Characteristics

There are both male and female lizards, with the colorization of both creatures slightly differing. Both can grow up to 11 inches in size. Both the male and female have spiky scales with a spiked crest running down the back.

In both cases, the colorization of the lizards varies from greenish with yellow spots in both more pronounced and more subtle coloring, with white throat areas. The females can vary from dark brown to pale greenish. Some have black bands on the tail while others appear to lack any banding.

The bellies are white to yellowish in coloration. The Dickinson’s lizard also has a snout to vent length of 92mm to 113mm.

The full paper writeup on the Enyalioides dickinsoni as well as the newly discovered Enyalioides cyanocephalus is currently available.

Enyalioides dickinsoni Male

Two adult male specimens of Enyalioides dickinsoni / Photo by Axel Marchelie

Enyalioides dickinsoni Female

Two adult female specimens of Enyalioides dickinsoni / Photo by Axel Marchelie

Naming the Lizard

Per the Latin American Post, "The naming of ‘Enyalioides dickinsoni’ in honor of Bruce Dickinson is a testament to the enduring influence of cultural figures on scientific discovery. It’s a reminder of the interconnectedness of our world, where the legacy of a heavy metal icon can extend into the realms of environmental conservation and scientific research. This discovery not only enriches our understanding of the biodiversity of the Amazon but also celebrates the multifaceted contributions of individuals like Dickinson to global culture and awareness."

This, of course, would not be the first time that Dickinson has inspired the naming of a species. Back in 2019, the Iron Maiden vocalist was one of four musicians selected by spider taxonomy specialist Christina Rheims to name four new species of spiders.

The Extraordinarius bruceickinsoni joined Extraordinarius rickalleni, Extraordinarius klausmeinei and Extraordinarius andrematosi as newly discovered creatures at the time, in honor of the Iron Maiden frontman, the Def Leppard drummer, the Scorpions singer and the late Angra vocalist.

It has become commonplace over the years for scientists to name their newly discovered species after a celebrity or a person of admiration in order to bring attention to the new finding.

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What Is Bruce Dickinson Up to Musically?

The Iron Maiden singer is on a break from the band at present. Instead, the vocalist is readying his seventh solo album, The Mandrake Project, which is due on March 1. He's also got a corresponding comic with the first issue already available.

You can also look for Dickinson kicking off his world tour April 18 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Dates are currently booked through July 21 in Athens, Greece.

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