Here are 10 maligned '90s metal albums that deserve a second chance.

Time changes a lot of things, especially perspective and even more so when it comes to assessing music that was pretty widely panned when it was first released. Nobody needs us to tell you that the 1990s were a notoriously bad time for metal, commercially at least — the underground was thriving with exciting new developments in extremity and musicianship.

But for a lot of our '80s heroes, we view this decade as a major downturn and with fair reason — the output, comparatively, well... it couldn't compare! So often, a change in style felt like a betrayal as fans watched grunge and nu-metal nearly extinguish the careers of artists they loved most. Many didn't survive and broke up while others flailed and floundered, rebounding in the 21st century.

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You may be wondering how we can possibly defend Megadeth's Risk or Iron Maiden's Virtual XI, two albums that have gained next to no favor in the decades after their release. We urge you, however, to erase your preconceived notions about this music and truly start fresh. Don't worry, we can explain!

See which albums are worth revisiting directly below.

10 Maligned '90s Metal Albums That Deserve a Second Chance

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