Dave Grohl missed out on featuring on Boygenius' album after sleeping through their planned recording session.

The Foo Fighters rocker was due to hit the studio with the indie supergroup that features Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus to contribute to a track on their debut LP The Record, but a miscommunication saw him getting some shuteye when he was meant to be recording his drum parts.

Bridgers told NME: “We have a friend who knows him and toured with Foo Fighters. There was this missed connection where Dave was actually going to come to the studio and play on [The Record]."

He did make it up to them when he played their Halloween show at the Hollywood Bowl, hitting the drums for the song "Satanist" from the record.

Bridgers met the former Nirvana drummer backstage at a Billie Eilish concert, and she says the Grammy-nominated trio hope they "get old" like Dave.

She recalled: “I made friends with Dave backstage at a Billie Eilish show. He’s the coolest guy ever… I was texting the boys, being like, ‘I met Dave Grohl, and he exceeds every expectation of how a rock star can be in the world’. I think we, as a group, look for that a lot – like, who is living their life the way that we want to get old and live our lives?"

Dacus added, “He’s so game. I just want to stay game the way that he is."

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The pair speaking Dave's praises comes after he spent a day off from the Foo Fighters' Australian tour feeding the homeless.

The "Walk" singer joined volunteers at Melbourne's Federation Square last week to prepare and serve a barbecue for unhoused and food-insecure people in the area on behalf of the Big Umbrella Foundation.

As well as cooking, "The Pretender" hitmaker happily posed for photographs and signed autographs for those who gathered for food.

In February, Dave spent over 24 hours volunteering at a barbecue for homeless people at Hope the Mission's Trebek Center in Northridge, California.

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