Dave Grohl used Josh Homme's benefit show in Los Angeles last night (March 20) to debut a new song he'd written about his love for the Queens of the Stone Age musician.

Homme put on a benefit for the Sweet Stuff Foundation in Los Angeles, with the proceeds going to help musicians, engineers and their families that were struggling with illness or disability. When it came time to put the guest list together for the night, Homme tapped his longtime friend Dave Grohl to take part.

As Grohl took the stage at The Belasco armed with a guitar and no backing, he explained the events that led up to his performance.

"When Josh asked me to come out and play tonight, I said, 'Of course.' And then I spent a couple of days trying to figure out like what the fuck am I gonna play?," said Grohl, who admitted he had an idea for an unexpected cover.

"My first idea that I had was, 'You know what? This shit is funny. I'm gonna come out and I'm gonna do a fucking Doja Cat song. And I spent fucking days trying to learn that 'Bitch, I said what I said' .... there are so many lyrics to that song. Like maybe more than 'The Sound of Silence,'" he recalled.

As the benefit date approached, Grohl recounted searching Spotify for an acoustic covers playlist for ideas, before deciding to go another direction.

"I thought instead of learning something which I'll totally forget, I would write something. So I did something that's maybe considered really, really uncool, but I wrote a song that's really genuine and earnest about my friend Josh," said Grohl, while pulling out a crumpled up piece of paper with lyrics. "So I thought, I'm gonna write a song about him and embarrass him in front of all his friends by singing about how much I fucking love you man. This is for real."

After revealing he hadn't so much as even sang the track out loud prior, Grohl proceeded to debut the untitled song that included such lyrics as: "If you feel like riding, know I'll ride with you / If I'm free and you've got big plans / Take it from me, I'll take that chance / Don't need a reason, I understand / Whatever you need, I've got you man." After the song concluded, Homme entered from the side of the stage to give Grohl a hug.

Dave Grohl Debuts Song He Wrote About Josh Homme

The Dave Grohl-Josh Homme Bromance

The longtime friendship between Dave Grohl and Josh Homme goes deep. The two musicians previously played together in Queens of the Stone Age and later formed Them Crooked Vultures with John Paul Jones.

Late last year, both Grohl and Homme discussed their friendship with The Los Angeles Times.

During the interview, Homme referred to Grohl as "the other love of my life." The compliment came during a serious discussion about some of the difficult times both musicians have faced in recent years.

"Look, Dave’s been the other love of my life. I know everyone’s like, 'Dave’s your buddy!' And I agree. But it’s in our dark moments that he and I have gotten close. You don’t have a real relationship with somebody unless you can tell them to shut up at some point. And we have shut each other up in the most loving ways," says Homme.

"One of the great comforts of these last few years was visiting each other without saying, 'I’m coming over.' Just being there when somebody needs it — when they don’t expect it and they didn’t ask for it. I love being that way for Dave, and he’s always been that way for me too. So I feel closer to Dave than ever. We’ve done so much stuff together, and really nobody’s helped my career more than Dave Grohl, in terms of just not shutting the hell up about me."

Further speaking about Grohl, Homme revealed that the musician is private when it comes to facing difficult times, adding, "It’s a small group of people that really know Dave. He’s a guy that toughs it out with a smile on his face, and that smile is very disarming to someone else. They go, 'Oh, everything’s fine.' I’ve learned that he’d be really good in a foxhole. Not physically — not at all [laughs]. But emotionally."

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For the article, Grohl also reflected on his feelings toward Homme. He said that their bond "goes far beyond the music stuff. It’s life stuff. We’ve both been there for each other — moments where everything else is stripped away and all that you’re left with is real vulnerability and fragility."

He went on to add, "But I've never seen the guy give up. He's just not that type."

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