Stepping into the ring this week as part of Loudwire Nights' Chuck's Fight Club, we're putting the attention on two new songs that are starting to garner some attention - The Plot in You's "Closure" and Nothing More's "If It Doesn't Hurt."

Relationships?! Am I right? But both The Plot in You and Nothing More have managed to navigate the tricky minefield of interpersonal communication to find something relatable to write about, all with some great music behind it.

As with all Chuck's Fight Club battles, Loudwire Nights will spend a good portion of time breaking down these two new songs. Monday night's program will introduce the pairing at 8PM, while Tuesday at 8PM is dedicated to Nothing More's "If It Doesn't Hurt" and Wednesday at 8PM launches into the argument for The Plot in You's "Closure." But ultimately, your voting will decide the winner, with the winning song airing on Loudwire Nights this Friday at 8PM.

Do you have a favorite between the two? Be sure to register your ratings for the two tracks below and then be sure to tune in to the Loudwire Nights radio show this week to see who won.

And just this reminder, Loudwire Nights with Chuck Armstrong airs nightly starting at 7PM ET. You can tune in anytime, from anywhere right here or by downloading the Loudwire app.

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