These are the six best U.K. metalcore guitarists, as chosen by While She Sleeps' Mat Welsh.

This scene has been burning bright for so long, and not just resting on its veterans to maintain relevance. The U.K. is a wellspring of exciting talent, particularly in the amorphous metalcore genre, so we tabbed a local expert Welsh to shout out some of the best guitarists that populate this territory.

What You Should Know About While She Sleeps

From: Sheffield, U.K.

First Album: This Is the Six (2012)

New Album: Self Hell

While She Sleeps have emerged as one of the U.K. best acts in heavy music. Focused on community building, the band has built up a loyal, dedicated fanbase throughout the 2010s. Forging meaningful connections with your fans is a key to sustained success in the modern era and While She Sleeps seem to focus on this aspect as much as their music.

With Self Hell, While She Sleeps again finds strength in vulnerability with a continued focus on mental wellbeing. Even when not directly engaging with their fans, this group is a lifeline for so many who find comfort and refuge in these lyrics.

“The name of the album is the foundation of how we view ourselves and the world," comments guitarist Sean Long. "Everyone has a subjective experience like no other. Yet the constant that binds us IS the differences between us and the fact that we are all suffering in our own way," he continues, "Don’t be too quick to judge and demonize, your time will come for redemption or damnification."

Watch the music video for the title track directly below.

While She Sleeps, "Self Hell" Music Video

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"We’ve been drawing inspiration from an array of misfit artists far from where you would usually pigeonhole While She Sleeps," Welsh's guitar counterpart Long continues.

He adds, "Each member has brought in a different perspective of inspiration so far apart in genre that it has left us with a very odd and satisfying sonic. While She Sleeps will continue to keep the world guessing on what we will do next. Not only for the fans but this is a spiritual venture that we have to keep alive, moving, and constantly in flux. We do this by scaring ourselves with things we are not supposed to do. Every. Single. Day.”

See Mat Welch's picks for the Six Best U.K. Metalcore Guitarists below.

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  • Best U.K. Metalcore Guitarists, Chosen by While She Sleeps' Mat Welsh

    avier Bragado, Redferns/Getty Images
    avier Bragado, Redferns/Getty Images
  • Tom Searle (Architects)

    Tom will always own the U.K. tech/metal/riff world. Architects created a crossover where tech metal wasn’t viewed as tech metal, and that's probably a big reason why a lot of people listened.

  • Kristan Dawson (Bury Tomorrow)

    Dawson is a guitarist we’ve known for 15-plus years. He’s been a solid contributor to the U.K. metalcore scene since we were playing pubs with 20 people.

  • Erik Bickerstaffe (Loathe)

    Eric is pushing the scene into new places, unorthodox ways of metal guitar playing and soundscape.

    Loathe will always be an interesting band to watch for as palette cleanser in the U.K. metal scene.

  • Josh Baines (Malevolence)

    A classic guitarist before anyone was watching, Josh brings a wonderful level of contemporary traditional to the U.K. metal scene.

    He has the roots of classic thrash with his own signature style. Malevolence are a band that will always be worth watching. They have been since 2006 and they’ll be a staple of the U.K. scene for years to come.

  • Josh Middleton (Sylosis)

    I first listened to Sylosis in 2007 and it blew my mind, the perfect crossover of modern thrash & melody.

    Josh has the ability to execute incredible technical guitar with as much character as he does a straight four bar chug. He could show off, but doesn’t need to. He's got polished riffs and tasteful shred that will always stand the test of time.

  • Sean Long (While She Sleeps)

    The closest to home, but always the biggest inspiration and a subconscious drive to progress our genre to new places.

    Sean will forever paint a picture that doesn’t look like it belongs in the the U.K. metal gallery, but sits pride of place.

    What’s the point of genre without the person pushing it into the next?

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