One popular retailer, with stores across Louisiana and Texas, is apparently looking at age restrictions for customers, and it could be spreading to more than just one location.

People have taken note of rising crime in stores across the country - including store owners, who are starting to take precautions against theft and property damage.

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The nation's capital, Washington D.C., is seeing an increase in this type of crime in several stores, and one Target location is implementing steps to minimize it. A store in D.C. has put up signs saying that any customer under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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It's a pretty sad commentary on crime in the country when a store like Target has to put that type of policy in place, but it's also understandable.

This follows certain sections of the store being under lock and key - something we've also seen in stores across California and elsewhere. Even items like basic toiletries (toothpaste, soap, etc.) and certain items of clothing like socks and underwear.

But to also add an age limit to customers coming into the store? Things must be serious.

Could It Happen in Louisiana and Texas Target Locations?

While crime rates across the country have trended higher, we're not seeing the high levels of organized store theft in Louisiana and Texas that we've seen in other states. This likely means that we won't see age restrictions among customers unless Target makes it a nationwide policy across all stores.

But the likelihood of that seems small, as it could limit potential business in states where thefts are nowhere near as high as they are in others.

The location is a part of the DC USA shopping complex, and, according to TheStreet, it serves "more than 36,000 people a day and is the largest retail development in the city."

"The greater DC USA shopping complex has similar signs posted throughout the area, mandating that minors must be accompanied by legal adults," the outlet also noted.

But you aren't seeing many of those signs across the south, especially in Louisiana and Texas, and you may not.

Why Are Stores Taking Precautions?

Some stores are implementing more safety measures to prevent inventory theft due to the significant impact theft has on their bottom line.

Inventory theft, also known as shoplifting, can result in financial losses for businesses, affecting their profitability and viability. To mitigate these losses, stores are investing in various security measures, such as surveillance cameras, security tags on merchandise, security guards, and anti-theft alarms.

Additionally, some retailers are implementing stricter policies and procedures, such as employee training on theft prevention and increased vigilance during high-risk periods. By implementing these safety measures, stores aim to deter potential thieves, reduce the incidence of theft, and protect their inventory and assets.

Preventing inventory theft helps maintain a safe and secure shopping environment for customers and employees, fostering trust and confidence in the store's brand.

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Ultimately, investing in security measures to prevent inventory theft is a proactive approach that safeguards the store's financial health and enhances its reputation within the community.

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