BAYTOWN, Tx. (KPEL News) - Who doesn't love Buc-ee's?

Well, there are always a few but most people love the iconic country store/gas station chain. Some people plan trips with Buc-ee's stops in mind. I even know some people who have taken trips with Buc-ee's being their destination.

So, imagine you've never been to Buc-ee's and you finally get the chance to visit one of their locations. Then, as you are checking out their amazing items inside, you are asked to leave and are told you are violating one of their policies.

A Liberty City, Ohio, couple says this happened to them recently when they visited the Buc-ee's location in Baytown, Texas. Dawn and Richard Thompson recently became full-time truckers after selling their home in Ohio and opting for more time on the road in their semi-truck, according to They were in town after just finishing a trailer drop-off in the Houston area.

It was at the famed Wall of Jerky that the couple says they were approached by a couple of Buc-ee's employees.

We were seriously just taking in the atmosphere," said Dawn Thompson to "They approached us and asked my husband if it was his truck. 'You are not allowed to purchase anything here, you have to leave now,' and I was still holding my items that they were telling me I'm not allowed to buy.


Now, Buc-ee's does display signs that read "NO 18-wheelers" and the policy is well-known - and has been criticized, especially by other truckers who want to enjoy the business but aren't allowed to park their semi-trucks while on the road.


Buc-ee's says the policy is in place because their parking lots are not built for huge trucks, just for passenger vehicles.

What do you think? Should Buc-ee's keep its "NO 18-wheelers" policy or lift it?

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