A woman at a Georgia Target was recently caught on video questioning another shopper about her service dog which she claimed was "dirty."

'All I Wanted To Do Was Get Groceries'

Instagram creator Katie Graham who runs the @serviceaussiebailey account shared a video of her recent trip to grab groceries at her local Target. Her dog, Bailey, was right by her side.

Graham, who has been featured on Good Morning America, has a medical condition that causes frequent fainting spells. She was able to train Bailey to be a service dog after originally getting him as a pet.

In the video, we see Bailey calming resting on the floor while Graham answers questions from another shopper.

"Like does he get bathed regularly? How am I supposed to know he's clean?"

The woman would go on to ask Graham to see "papers" saying Bailey is a service dog before threatening to find a manager.

"All I wanted to do was get groceries for the week," Graham said in her post. "I can't just leave my service dog at home because he has fur."

The video shared to Instagram has more than 22 million views. Another version of the video on TikTok has generated 8 million views.

Graham said she ended up leaving the store without buying anything.

"I hate confrontation and having to deal with this today was really difficult," she told her followers on Instagram.

Some Commenters Siding With Woman Who Wanted To Speak With Manager

While Bailey was well-behaved in the video, some commenters have jumped in to defend the shopper who wanted to speak to the manager.

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"I don't want to be in a restaurant and a dog is sitting at the table next to me," one commenter posted on Graham's video.

Another comment celebrated the woman's actions saying "we need to do this more to these dog owners." Graham has responded to the comment with a followup video.

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