A woman wheeled a dead man into a bank in Brazil to have him "sign off" on a loan that was under her name.

In the disturbing video, which you can see below, the woman is seen holding the man's head up, while she attempts to help him sign a piece of paper.

According to the post on social media, employees questioned if this was legal because they thought that the man in the wheelchair looked ill. Those working in the bank had no idea that the man was dead.

Police were called into the bank and arrested Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes. She told police that the man was a relative and that she was his caretaker. Authorities were able to confirm that the woman is indeed related to the deceased man.

Sadly, the man died hours prior to being wheeled into the bank and those in the bank at the time had no idea that the man wheeled in was deceased.

While the cause of death was not announced in the post, police were looking into this case as they suspect that there could have been fraudulent activity in this woman's motivation.

I will warn you, that some may find the footage from inside the bank below to be VERY DISTRUBING. 


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