TikTok users are making the case for why children shouldn't be at weddings after watching a viral video of a little girl wiping her dirty face on a bride's white dress.

A woman shared footage of the moment her 2-year-old girl wiped her messy face on her adult niece's, a.k.a. the bride's, dress following her rehearsal dinner.

While the toddler stained the dress, the bride appeared to take the messy ordeal in stride, laughing at the faux pas.

"Do not recommend serving ketchup with the chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddie meal...or just don't invite kids," the mom captioned her video, adding several hashtags including #bridefail, #imsoembarrassed and #kidfreewedding.

Watch below:

Horrified viewers peppered the comments section with declarations regarding kids at weddings.

"No kids at my wedding," one person wrote.

"Child-free wedding," another fired off.

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"I used to not understand when people said no kids at their wedding but I think I understand now," someone else mused.

"Child-free wedding looks better and better," another commented, while someone else shared, "My anger issues could never ... love the bride she’s so nice [but] mom gotta do better."

However, the bride defended the toddler.

"When the comment section is more bridezilla than the actual bride, thanks for the concern, but me and my dress loved this *rehearsal dinner* moment," she wrote in a comment.

"SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK," the little girl's mom responded.

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