Lenny Kravitz just visited cult convenience store Buc-ee's for the first time and documented his experience on TikTok, proving the charm of the Texas-founded gas station even lures in celebs.

"First time at #Bucees... So many smiling faces and warm hearts. We are all #Human. See you on the road!" Kravitz wrote in the caption of his video.

The rock star exited his tour bus and strutted into the convenience store where he took selfies and shook hands with fans before purchasing a bag of the iconic Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets and a brisket sandwich.

Notably, one of Buc-ee's most recognizable slogans is "Risk It for the Brisket."

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"I love you. Thank you," he said to fans in the video.

Kravitz also grabbed some drinks and snacks before climbing back onto his bus and saying, "Thanks, Buc-ee's!"

Fans of both Kravitz and Buc-ee's lore sounded off in the comments of the musician's video.

"Walks up to Buc-ee’s like he’s in a runway show," one viewer commented of Kravitz's powerful stride and stylish outfit.

"Sir, you have no business being this good-looking and strutting into Buc-ee's like this..." another person agreed.

"Lenny Kravitz at [Buc-ee's] is my favorite thing," someone else commented.

"Imagine seeing Lenny Kravitz just casually walking through [Buc-ee's]," another viewer said in awe.

Buc-ee's, founded in 1982, has garnered a cult following thanks to its massive size, delicious food, clean bathrooms, fun merch and cute mascot, making it the best place to stop on a road trip.

The gas station chain even has a Facebook group dedicated to loving Buc-ees called Buc-ee's Lovers.

According to USA Today, the vice president of strategic industry initiatives at the National Association of Convenience Stores even called Buc-ee's a "theater experience."

"There's always a ton of people there, but everybody seems to be getting where they're going. You don't have to wait too long for something. It speaks volumes to the efficiency of the place," Anthony Villarreal, a moderator of the Buc-ee's Lovers Facebook group, told the outlet.

They also reported that other factors that contribute to Buc-ee's popularity are the amounts of gas pumps (100 or more), the continuously cleaned restrooms, and other food items like beef jerky and fudge.

Plus, the adorable beaver mascot is not only featured on T-shirts and cups but can be found in Buc-ee's stores for photo ops.

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