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An attorney has been suspended after he allegedly defecated in a Pringles can and threw it from his vehicle.

HuffPost reports that on Nov. 28 the Ohio Supreme Court suspended criminal defense attorney Jack Blakeslee for unprofessional behavior after he allegedly relieved himself in an empty Pringles can and then threw the can from his car into the parking lot of a crime-victim advocacy center.

The court said Blakeslee's alleged behavior "adversely reflects on his fitness to practice law," and that there was "clear and convincing evidence" he purposefully targeted the Haven of Hope crime-victim center in Cambridge, Ohio.

Blakeslee was suspended from his job for a year.

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The alleged drive-by poop toss took place in November 2021.

Blakeslee was allegedly caught on surveillance video driving by the Haven of Hope parking lot, turning around and passing it again, which is when he threw the Pringles can out of his car before driving off.

A witness, who allegedly saw Blakeslee throw the can discovered what was inside when she opened it, filed a police report.

Blakeslee pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and littering, and was ordered to pay nearly $250 in fines and court costs.

At a hearing, Blakeslee denied intentionally choosing Haven of Hope as the target for his Pringles poop can and claimed it was just a prank to "blow off steam." He also noted he pulled similar pranks at least 10 times this past year.

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