Jelly Roll's wife stands out on awards show red carpets. Bunnie Xo is almost always by his side, but their relationship is hardly patriarchal.

The "Save Me" singer frequently praises the podcast host and entrepreneur and says if she ever chose to film a documentary like his from 2023, it'd stun audiences in ways he could only dream of.

"I love it when they call her a gold digger," Jelly Roll once told Taste of Country, referring to his wife since 2016.

"She hates it. It just flames her up, but it just tickles me absolutely pink because when I met her I was homeless, living out of a '96 conversion van so. If anybody was digging for gold, it was I, Popeye."

Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie Xo's Real Name:

Bunnie Xo's real name is Alisa DeFord (Jelly Roll's real name is Jason DeFord), and she was born on Jan. 22, 1980 (44 years old in 2024). She's open about most details many would consider to be sensitive (like her age), but she has not shared too much of her backstory before beginning work in the sex industry in Las Vegas.

Specifically, it's hard to find details about her childhood, other than she's from Las Vegas, has a sister she doesn't get along with and lost her mother in November 2022.

On TikTok, Bunnie shares that her mother left her when she was 3 months old, but they came together again 22 years later — though they didn't meet again for another 15 years after that. Despite the short relationship, it still hurt when her mother died.

As for Bunnie Xo's father? His name is Bill, and as of Feb. 2024, she's caring for him, as he's in hospice battling Stage 4 cancer. Last fall she said his days were numbered, but more recently she has said there is reason to be hopeful.

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What Is Bunnie Xo's Job?

Bunnie is the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions and the host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast. The conversation on her pod is typically provocative, but always honest and understanding. Her background certainly makes her sympathetic to those who've colored outside the lines in life.

In June 2022, Jelly Roll shared a post on Instagram that began with, "A hooker and a convict held hands on one dark night in the desert and made a decision to change our lives together and go all in our dreams."

He was talking about their wedding night and calling himself the convict. She has been honest about her work in the sex industry, specifically as a high-end escort in Las Vegas. Instead of hiding behind her past, she uses it to inspire her future and others.

"The broken little girl inside me heals everyday because of each & everyone of you," she wrote in February 2023.

Does Bunnie Xo Have a Drug Problem?

Drugs is another topic that Jelly Roll and his wife will talk about openly. In late January 2024, she opened up about her decision to get sober, admitting to having a bad Xanax and cocaine habit (among other drugs). In 2017, Bunnie quit drinking and these drugs.

"I couldn't have one drink," she shares. "I would literally drink and drink and drink until I passed out."

During her partying years, she admits to being the one who'd get drugs for her husband. He says he still did cocaine through the years and still parties today, although the definition of that isn't totally clear in 2024.

20 Totally Adorable Pictures of Jelly Roll and His Wife, Bunnie Xo

Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie Xo, never shy away from public displays of affection. The pair have shared numerous photos together sneaking kisses or engaged in deep belly laughs. Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo married in 2016 and are closer than ever today.

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