Whether you live in an apartment, work long hours, or simply have a high-energy dog, there are a few ways you can easily improve their quality of life.

Adding enrichment to your dog’s daily routine helps keep their brain occupied and happy. It can even be more effective at tiring them out than taking them for a long run. Think about how tired you feel after a long day of learning new information, it’s not an easy task. The same goes for dogs.

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From changing up the way you give them their meals, to working on new activities or tricks together, there are a variety of ways to enrich your dog’s life to help them live the happiest one thy can.

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A simple way to enrich your dog’s life while keeping yours easy is to add lick mats to your feeding routine. You can buy the mat at a local pet store, or order it online. Then, figure out what kind of pet-safe food your dog likes, including plain greek yogurt, soft dog food, bone broth, carrots, blueberries, kibble, etc. Spread the softer foods onto the mat, getting it in all the grooves, stick the solid food on top, throw it all in the freezer until solid, then give it to your dog to enjoy. This will give you some time to sit back and relax while their brain works hard to get every last bit of food off of that mat. It not only works their brain but can cool them off on hot days.

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