An Amber Alert for an 11-year-old Texas girl is spiraling into a startling conspiracy full of lies, deceit, and monsters.

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Audrii Cunningham was last seen in Livingston, Very few details has been released from officals on the case, however, thousands of people online have gather and began digging into the details of the case, sparking concern.


  • Audrii was last seen around 7 am on Feb 15th.
  • Audrii never made it onto her school bus.
  • Steven McDougal was supposed to drop Audrii off at her bus stop.
  • Audrii was last seen wearing a black hoodie with white letters, black pants, black high-top tennis shoes, and a bright red Hello Kitty backpack.

"Audrii should have caught the school bus at her neighborhood bus stop; however, school officials reported to the Sheriff’s Office that the school bus did not pick Audrii up, nor did she report to school," the Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a release.


  • Steven Mcdougal reached out to Audrii's mom the day before she went missing
  • McDougal was willing to coordinate some kind of secret meetup at the park for Audrii & her mom without the father’s knowledge. McDougal held himself out as Audrii’s “favorite person” in his communications with mom, "I'm your daughter's favorite person and she will not tell."
  • Steven seemed to have planned this meetup for after school on the day she went missing.  
  • McDougal claims he was fishing when he found out Audrii was missing.
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Many speculations about McDougal are being spread around social media. There are many eyes raised about McDougal and grooming tendencies towards Audrii, however, no details are confirmed or publicly acknowledged by officials on this case.

In the coming hours and days, there is an anticipation of more details to be released. If you have any information regarding the missing case of Audrii Cunningham please contact Polk County Sheriff's Office at 936-327-6810 or 911 immediately.

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