Texas Church Drops Thousands of Easter Eggs from Helicopter in Epic Eggstravaganza!

Something super cool just happened in Bryan, Texas.

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At First Baptist Church, they did this amazing thing where they dropped thousands of Easter eggs from a helicopter. It was called the Great Egg Drop Event, and it was awesome!

Lots of people came to the church for this special event. Kids and grown-ups were all excited to see the helicopter fly over and drop all those eggs. And guess what? Each egg was full of candy and surprises.

When the helicopter started dropping the eggs, everyone went wild. It was so much fun to see all those colorful eggs falling from the sky. People rushed around to collect as many eggs as they could. It was like a big treasure hunt.    

When the event ended, everyone went home with baskets full of candy and lots of great memories. The Great Egg Drop Event at First Baptist Church was a blast, and everyone is already excited for next year's event.

If you want to have a super fun Easter egg hunt, make sure to check out the Great Egg Drop Event at First Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas. You won't want to miss it.

Check out the video below:


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