A Soggy Saga of Road Rage Gone Wrong

Picture this: a gloomy day in Dallas, rain pouring down in sheets, turning the roads into treacherous waterways.

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Just when you thought the weather was the only thing making your day dreary, along comes a reckless driver with a one-way ticket to chaos.

The Scene of the Splashdown

The video at the bottom of this article opens on a rainy highway in Dallas, Texas. Through a dashcam, we see that everyone is driving pretty much appropriately for the amount of rain coming down.  But if you've ever driven in the rain in Dallas, you know that inevitably some douchebag is going to come screening by you at a speed that is way too dangerous for road conditions.

The Reckless Rain Dancer

That's exactly what happens here.  A white car comes hauling *ss by in the HOV lane, hits a patch of deep water, and careens off of the cement dividers on the left.


The Innocent Bystander

I would have been fine with this fool learning their lesson that way, but that is not where it ends.  The car shoots back right across the other lanes and smacks right into a red pickup truck.


The Gravity-Defying Flip

This unlucky person flips upside down and lands on the roof of the truck. Poor guy was driving along, minding his own business when this dumbass decided she would endanger the lives of everyone around her. I hope everyone is ok.


I do not miss driving in Dallas one bit.

Anyways, stay safe out there, you have to drive defensively at all times.  If that truck had been paying attention, he might have been able to avoid that car, it wasn't moving that fast after hitting the wall.

Check out the video for yourself below.


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