The video below features a fight between a couple of rascals off Knox and Cole Streets in Dallas, Texas has been making the round on social media lately.

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We have no context as to what happened that caused these two to go at it before the video started recording, but does it really matter?  

Let's break it down.

How Did They Get Like This?

The video opens with the gals assaulting each other at a red light. They're punching and screaming and swinging wildly. Somehow, they both end up bent over with their heads upside down.



At Least He Tried

An older gentleman tries to intervene by shouting at the two women to stop. He's the only person attempting to do anything about the brawl. Did no one else have to get to work? Where's the rest of the outrage?


The Clap Heard Around the World

In a last-ditch effort, this poor man resorts to clapping at the combatants in an apparent attempt to startle them into letting go.

What was the resolution? Please, amateur videographers, you must continue to record throughout the entire incident so we can see the end!

Check out the video below:


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