Texas Lake Turns Into a Tempest: Boats Battle Ocean-Sized Waves in Unprecedented Storm

The video at the bottom of this article shows off some frightening footage captured last week in East Texas.

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This is Lake Livingston Reservoir, not the Atlantic Ocean.


Where is Lake Livingston?

Lake Livingston Reservoir is a large man-made lake located in East Texas, primarily in Polk County but also extending into San Jacinto, Trinity, and Walker Counties. Covering approximately 83,000 acres, it is one of the largest lakes in Texas. The reservoir was created in 1969 through the construction of the Livingston Dam on the Trinity River, a project undertaken by the Trinity River Authority of Texas in cooperation with the City of Houston. The Livingston Dam, which spans about 2.5 miles, impounds the Trinity River to form the lake.

The reservoir is home to Lake Livingston State Park, a notable recreational area with amenities like campsites, hiking trails, and boat ramps. Surrounding the lake are several communities and developments that contribute to the local economy through tourism and provide residential and vacation properties. The economic impact of Lake Livingston is significant, supporting local businesses through recreational activities.

Extraordinary Phenomenon

The sudden shift in weather conditions was attributed to a powerful storm front that moved in quickly, bringing with it heavy winds and intense rain. Meteorologists reported that the storm was unusually severe for the area, with wind speeds reaching up to 60 miles per hour. These conditions combined to create waves that some described as being up to 10 feet high – an extraordinary phenomenon for an inland reservoir.


Check out the video below:

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