If you are trying to ride the thin line between your child having a unique identity and not getting picked on, this is for you. There has been an average of around 400,000 babies born every year in Texas since 2005 according to The Texas Department of State Health Services.


Around 400,000 New Texans Are Minted Every Year

That's a lot of kids that need names. The Texas Department of State Health Services gives us lists of the most popular names.

If you are looking to stay away from the more popular names this is a great resource

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If you have a common last name and go for an uncommon first name, you might just have a winning combination that will give your kid a more singular identity.

Your Child Won't Stand Out In Texas With A Common Name Uniquely Spelled

If you are thinking about using a standard name with a unique spelling or pronunciation, you are setting your child up for a world of misunderstandings. Imagine all the time they will spend constantly correcting people who get it wrong.

Each time a reminder that their parents made that decision. No pressure.

If you want them to have the same name as everyone else in their class, you can pick from this list of popular kids' names of Texas boys and girls. Whatever your goals are for naming your little bundle of joy in Texas this list can help.

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