There is something so fun about getting outdoors here in the state of Texas. Sometimes you might need to work around some extreme temperatures at times, but it normally doesn’t take long for you to find the perfect temperature to get outside for your own adventure. And it’s even better when you can invite friends and family to join you on Free Fishing Day! 

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On the first Saturday in June each year the good people at Texas Parks and Wildlife host a fun day inviting everyone to enjoy some time fishing recreationally and you aren’t required to have any fishing license or endorsements. But all you need is to feel the tug on your line in the water one time, that is enough to get you hooked on fishing.  

Free Fishing Day in Texas is Which Day in 2024? 

To make sure I had the correct day, I did check on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and confirmed that Saturday, June 1st, 2024, will be Free Fishing Day in Texas. Now obviously, you’re encouraged to buy your own fishing license and go fishing way more than just one time per year. But if you have never tried fishing before and want to give it a shot, June 1st might be the perfect day to try it out.  

Texas Parks and Wildlife Can Be Super Helpful 

There is so much great information on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website including fishing reports, recommendations on where to fish, all fishing regulations, and everything you need to know about getting your fishing license in Texas.  

Enjoy your time outdoors, just be safe.  

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