When news breaks of a new Buc-ee's coming to a town, there are many people who get very excited. Buc-ee's has a huge following with a ton of fans so the excitement is understandable. The town's city council that the new Buc-ee's is coming to is excited because of the big economic boost coming because of the new store. With all that said above, that doesn't mean that everyone is excited. Many believe that a new Buc-ee's will cause over-development of an area that previously wasn't developed.

Buc-ee's in Terrell

Buc-ee's in Terrell opened in 2015. At the time of that opening, there was basically nothing around it, just open field. Since that opening, a couple of hotels have been built, fast food restaurants popped up in front of Buc-ee's and then a whole shopping center was constructed across the street. Could all of that be considered over-development?  Maybe? But Terrell is a fast growing city in Texas.

A Buc-ee's recently opened in Johnstown, Colorado, about 40 miles north of Denver, along Interstate 25. That land was an area that was leased to a local farmer to grow corn and barley (chron.com). There are many in Colorado who believe that more of that farmland could be in jeopardy because of development like Buc-ee's in a mostly rural area.

The Long Delayed Buc-ee's in Boerne

Boerne has been waiting on its Buc-ee's for several years now. There have been many delays because of infrastructure issues at the site but looks to finally complete the build and be open next year. Many in the community believe the benefits of having a Buc-ee's in their city is not what it's made out to be.

Buc-ee's, I'm sure, is used to the pushback when they want to build a new store. If you really look at it objectively, you can see both sides of the argument here. Buc-ee's is a business. The goal of the business is to make money. Whatever can be done to make more money will be done no matter the opposition. For the people that live around where a new Buc-ee's will come in, they don't want to have to adjust to an increase of traffic going by their house or the increase in their property value that will cost them more in taxes.

It Truly is a Double Edged Sword

For Buc-ee's in Terrell, what once was nothing more than the Interstate 20 Highway 80 spilt a decade ago has become a major stopping point for thousands of people everyday. Some would consider that progress. Others would say otherwise.

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