Living here in the state of Texas is wonderful and knowing that I have two dogs that are happy and comfortable at home only makes life better. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention it before, but I am a firm believer that we don’t deserve dogs. These amazing creatures want to do nothing but show us unconditional love. But there is one time with a dog that you will deal with heartbreak and that is when they cross the rainbow bridge. 

Dog Dies

Any pet owner knows that the most difficult part about owning a pet is when they get older, and you have to say your final goodbyes. It’s so sad to say goodbye to a companion, friend, and family member that you’ve grown attached to. But it’s a part of life that most of us will experience at some time. 

What About Dogs That Live Longer? 

Sure, you can try to get a dog that has a longer life expectancy than another but remember you just never know what kind of illness could pop up at any time. Just like with humans, we must be prepared for anything. But the years of love and joy with your pet will go on for years after you say goodbye. 

Longest Living Dog Breeds 

While we can never predict or know when we will have to say our final goodbye to our furry family members. According to the experts these dogs have the longest life expectancy. Just remember that when you get a dog, adopt, don’t shop.  

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