Whether you're a drinker or not, I think everyone will agree that Texans can drink beer - a lot of it. Quite a few of my later college days were filled with trying to get a keg filled for the weekend coming up. After that, all bets were off. Beer and wine are just the beginning, Texans love their alcoholic cocktails too. Total it all up and that's a bunch of drinking in a state as big as Texas.

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But which cities in Texas really know how to throw down some alcohol? Only In Your State has a list going that may surprise you. In their article, you'll find the top cities that made the hall of fame in 2015 when it came to alcohol consumption.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

10. Plano, Texas

Overall Rank: 97th drunkest in America

9. Dallas, Texas

Overall Rank: 77th drunkest in America

8. Fort Worth, Texas

Overall Rank: 55th drunkest in America

7. Arlington, Texas

Overall Rank: 53rd drunkest in America

6. Houston, Texas

Overall Rank: 47th drunkest in America

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

5. Corpus Christi, Texas

Overall Rank: 25th drunkest in America

4. El Paso, Texas

Overall Rank: 24th drunkest in America

3. Lubbock, Texas

Overall Rank: 8th drunkest in America

2. San Antonio, Texas

Overall Rank: 7th drunkest in America

1. Austin, Texas

Overall Rank: 5th drunkest in America

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

It doesn't appear that Abilene is on the drunk list yet but it certainly is in the area. If you're looking for an even wider scope, Men's Health took things even further with the top 100 drunkest cities in the United States. Wherever you're located make sure you're obeying the law and understand the risks of drinking and driving.

For most in Texas, however, beer is king. As a nation, we devour a bunch of beer. For a look at which states can put away the suds, keep scrolling. Will Texas makes the list when it comes to beer?

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