So if I'm preparing this lavish holiday feast to be shared with family and friends, it is important to feed the most loyal, forgiving, loving members of the family. I may have a lot of animal lovers disagree with me but I do not believe we should feed our pets from the dinner table.

That being said, this is Thanksgiving after all - and we bring the whole family together at the dinner table, right? Ozzie, Princess, Ginger, Moo Moo, and Cow Cow are all family members too, right?

I personally believe it's the seasonings that harm our fur babies the most, so if at all possible, avoid giving them something that's been seasoned. Most treats that are fully cooked and not seasoned may be safe to feed our dogs.

Here in Texas we smoke a lot of our meats. Those are not good for our fur babies either. Letting the dogs nibble on some turkey is a given. Many pet foods today are made with turkey, beef, or chicken, but they're not smoked.

Thanksgiving foods that are SAFE for dogs:

  1. Cooked, unseasoned turkey with NO skin
  2. Fully cooked green beans with no seasonings
  3. Plain cooked sweet potatoes with no added sweeteners or spices
  4. Small amounts of fresh cranberry sauce with no added sweeteners or spices
  5. Cooked or canned pumpkin with no added sweeteners or spices
  6. Frozen yogurt
  7. Plain peas
  8. Fresh bananas and apples (no seeds)
  9. Fully baked plain bread in moderation
  10. Some cereals

Thanksgiving foods that are DANGEROUS for dogs:

  1. No dressing or casseroles of any kind
  2. No unbaked bread or dough of any kind
  3. No rich, decadent desserts
  4. No chocolates of any kind
  5. No raisins or grapes
  6. No mashed potatoes or gravy
  7. No alcohol, vitamins, or pills
  8. No onions, scallions, garlic, or avocados
  9. No buttery sweet potato casserole
  10. No bones of any kind
    Source: AKC's Dr. Jerry KleinDr. Julie Buzby-DVM 

Be safe, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your furry family friends.

What Thanksgiving Foods are Safe to Feed Our Pets
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