What are Blink-182 trying to tell us? That seems to be the question of the day for fans reading into recent mysterious activity from the band.

Out of nowhere, Blink has completely wiped their online presence, clearing out all of their Instagram posts on the official band account. Visiting the band's website, there is a scrolling "under construction" message, and the site also notes they are "hard at work" at to "check back soon," further signaling some news may be coming soon.

Adding to the Easter eggs, over on Twitter, NME noticed the band has also randomly started "liking" a bunch of posts from the 2013 era that hint at the band 10 years in the future - i.e., in 2023.

"Its going to be really strange in 10 years when blink182 is classic rock and we hear it in drug stores and elevators," says one post that the band account liked, while another reads, "Blink-182 is writing a new album! It should be released in the next 10 years or so!"

Another piece of fodder is the fact that all of their social profiles have now been updated with their old-school black-and-white smiley face logo. One more piece of possible evidence posted by a fan on the Blink-182 Reddit is a series of billboards advertising something called "182 Industries." The posters say, "Your future is cumming...in the blink of an eye" and also include a website for onehundredeightytwo.com. When you type it into a browser, it redirects to the official Blink-182 website.

In Peru, another astute fan noticed billboards with a new logo and posted the finding on Twitter.

The recent developments come after months of speculation that the three original members - Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker - are planning a full reunion. DeLonge has been estranged from the band since 2015. But, In August, the former guitarist-vocalist shared a retro image of the band together in the old days on Instagram and added the band's account to his profile bio.

Around the same time, when the band's current guitarist Matt Skiba was asked about his status in the troupe on Instagram, he shared, "Your guess is as good as mine."

Though, at that time, Loudwire reported that Hoppus shared on Discord that there was "no news to share" about a possible reunion, it was also said that the relationship between DeLonge and his former bandmates had been improving with DeLonge communicating with Hoppus during his recent cancer battle.

Hoppus also did note in the Discord chat that when the time came for any announcement, it would be made on official accounts, stating, "If and when blink has any announcement about anything, you will hear it from the official blink-182 outlets." So, could this be the time? Stay tuned!

A fan in Peru noticed billboards with a new Blink-182 logo

Mark Hoppus' previous message on Discord


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