Most of us wouldn't even consider a cross-species marriage, but it was the only chance this woman had at a happy life.

Meet 18-year-old Mangli Munda, who has been told for years that there's a curse hanging over her head. A curse that would cause the death of any MAN that married her.

So she did the only logical thing she could do. She married a dog, which is close enough to a man in some situations.

Munda found Sheru the dog wandering the streets of her hometown and figured he would be good enough for her to marry on such short notice, and she did.

According to her village elders, marrying a dog was the only way to break the curse and have any chance at living a happy live. These kinds of ceremonies supposedly happen all the time in India, although I have no idea why we're just now hearing about it.

So the family went ahead with the wedding, and after Sheru realized his new in-laws weren't going to eat him, everything went smoothly.

Luckily, the marriage was strictly ceremonial and Munda wasn't required to do anything weird with the dog. Plus she'll be able to marry the first human male that her parents can arrange for her.

As for Sheru, he will continue to play a part in Munda's life as the family pet.

Just another day in India.