Does lying in bed for two months and making $10,000 sound good to you? If so you're definitely going to have to check this out. NASA is looking for volunteers (preferably in the Johnson Space Center area of Houston) who would be willing to lie in bed for 70 days in order to study what happens to a person laying horizontally for an extended period of time, like you would be during space travel. Can you think of an easier way to make $10,000 in two months?

While you lying in bed your allowed to do anything you want; surfing the web, playing video games, reading books, eating, the only thing you can't do is stand up, unless someone needs you to for a certain test. They even have a way that you can take a shower and go to the bathroom all without standing up. It sounds like NASA will be teaching some valuable life lessons.

It only gets better. NASA will pay you $5,000 a month for being a part of their study. That includes two weeks of prep time and two weeks of exercise and re-adjustment after the study. So after the 70 days in bed plus four weeks of extra stuff, you're looking at roughly $15,000 for three months work. Not too bad a deal.