The 2016 Hotter'N Hell 100 is officially in the books. For the over 12,000 participants in the multiple rides and events this year, there will be memories that will last a lifetime. One of those memories will be of this pretty cool flyover that kicked off all of Saturday's rides.

The ride began at 7:05 AM as the sun rose and the National Anthem played through the speakers that were lining Scott Street in downtown Wichita Falls. In past years there has been a flyover with pilots from Sheppard Air Force Base that followed the anthem and the cannon blast. In recent years the base hasn't been able to do that and they've found other options. This year, the Texas Highway Patrol stepped up to the plate.

All that was known before hand was that there would be a flyover by a DPS helicopter. The pilot decided to make it a little more than just buzzing above the crowd. He flew over, then did a pretty rad maneuver where he did a quick stop and turnaround and then went back over again. The whole thing coincided with the cannon blast and the cyclist started their rides.

Check out the video from up in our scissor lift at the starting line. While we live-streamed the entire start, we decided this clip could stand alone as something that made the 2016 Hotter'N Hell 100 something different. Check out the video for yourself and re-live it again and again.

BONUS: Watch The Entire Video From Hotter'N Hell 100 Starting Line

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