It’s not easy being a newscaster. When the rest of us get tongue tied, there isn’t an audience watching, so they’re under a lot of pressure to get the story out and do it well. Sometimes things go awry in the studio, however, and lucky for us, sites like YouTube are there to preserve these moments.

In this video, newscasters are doing their best to get the news out, play a prank on their sidekick, or just to spit the words out. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

When I first started in radio, I did the morning news before the top of each hour. There were times when I got the giggles and just couldn’t stop. It’s embarrassing, but looking back on it, it was a lot of fun. It didn’t help when I’d be talking about something serious and the guy I worked with would start shouting things in the background that made it impossible for me to finish what I was saying. Perhaps we were entertaining to some degree, but chances are that plenty of people listening were wondering what we were drinking when we came to work.

So for all of those who brave the live news broadcast each day, I raise my glass to you.

***While this video is mostly clean, there are a couple of profanities spoken during the video. Be forewarned if you're at work or around small children.***