New albums from HellyeahTremonti and Baroness have debuted in the upper echelon of the Billboard 200 album chart in their opening week of release. Hellyeah’s ‘Band of Brothers’ lands at No. 19 while Tremonti’s ‘All I Was’ cracks the chart at No 29 and Baroness take the No. 36 spot with their new disc ‘Yellow & Green.’

‘Band of Brothers’ is the third album from Hellyeah, and sold 19,000 copies during its first week out. Its predecessor, ‘Stampede’ debuted at No. 8, while the band’s self-titled debut entered the chart at No. 9 in its first week.

‘All I Was’ is the first solo album from Creed / Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, and finds him both playing the guitar and singing lead vocals on the record. It sold 12,000 copies in its opening week.‭ ‬It was also the‭ No. 1 ‬Rock Album on iTunes digital chart and climbed all the way to‭ ‬No. 9‭ ‬on the iTunes Top Albums Chart.

Baroness, meanwhile, moved 10,000 units of ‘Yellow and Green’ to land at No. 36. Check out our review of the album here.

‭Also making their first appearance on the Billboard chart is the progressive death metal band the Contortionist. Their sophomore full-length ‘Intrinsic’ lands at No. 107, selling seven times more copies than their 2010 debut ‘Exoplanet’ did during its first week of release.

‭This week’s number one album on the Billboard 200 chart is ‘Life Is Good’ by hip-hop artist Nas.